80/21 Venezuela

To: Attorney General Tarek William Saab
Cc: His Excellency Orlando José Viera Blanco
    Ambassador for Venezuela
Cc: Honourable Marc Garneau
    Minister of Foreign Affairs

hand-written letter, transcript follows

Dear Tarek William Saab:

I am an engineer writing to you from London, Canada. I was shocked to learn that CICPC officers broke in to Vannesa Rosales' home without warrant and detained her. She is now accused of helping a 14 year old rape victim whose life is in danger.

I call on you to drop all charges against Vannesa Rosales, a teacher and defender of women and girls. Pending her release, it is your duty to ensure Vannesa Rosales' physical and psychological well-being are protected.

I cannot overstate how poorly this situation reflects on you office and law enforcement. You've failed to protect your children... and now you persecute their protectors? Truly shameful.

Many Canadians are following the details of this case closely. I am eager to hear your reply on this urgent matter.

Sincerely, Shawn Nock