UAN Letter 123b/20 Honduras

To: Oscar Fernando Chinchilla
    Attorney General
Cc: Sofía Lastenia Cerrato Rodríguez
    Ambassador for Honduras

hand-written letter, transcript follows

Dear Attorney General:

I am an engineer writing to you from London, Canada. I am concerned about the whereabouts and fate of activists from Garífuna: Alberth Centeno Tomas, Suami Mejía García, Gerardo Rochez Cálix and Milton Martínez Álvarez. They were taken from their homes by individuals wearing police vests. They were taken on 18 July 2020 and are still missing nearly a year later.

I call on you to take all necessary measures to find these activists and ensure an independent and effective investigation info their forced disappearance.

The investigation must include their families. They must have up-to-date information and they must be allowed to contribute information.

I look forward to your response to this urgent matter.

Sincerely, Shawn Nock