UAN Letter: 75/21 Venezuela

To: President Nicolás Maduro
Cc: His Excellency Orlando José Viera Blanco
    Ambassador for Venezuela 

hand-written letter, transcript follows

Dear President:

I am an engineer writing to you from London, Canada. I am gravely concerned for the safety of Fundaredes activists: Javier Tarazona, Rafael Tarazona and Omar de Dios García. They were arbitrarily detained on 2 July 2021 and held incommunicado for 24 hours. They have since been denied their choice of legal representation and assigned a public defender.

I call on you to release Javier Tarazona, Rafael Tarazona, and Omar de Dios García immediately. Furthermore, you should close all criminal investigations into these men and end harassment and criminalization of civil society in Venezuela.

I look forward to your reply on this urgent matter.

Sincerely, Shawn Nock